"I received the FedEx package with my bound business plans and am very pleased.  Your hard work and tireless effort to produce a superb product in a timely fashion succeeded.  I am glad to have selected Windhaus Associates and even more glad to have had the opportunity to work with each of you.  Your professionalism exceeded my expectations."

"Choosing Windhaus Associates to write our 'dot-com' business plan was more than a great business decision. What it became was an inspiration.  Not only was the task fulfilled to a standard higher than I could have ever expected, the communication was constant, and the translation from visions to verbs was flawless."

"By working with Windhaus Associates, one not only hires a professional business planning firm, but a teammate, a motivator, and an impeccable organizer. You can not find a better value anywhere."

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Windhaus Associates are business plan consultants dedicated to provide services in the development and writing of business and marketing plans, business plan review and analysis, seminars and workshops for entrepreneurs in diverse business sectors, including startups, existing business, home-based business, self-employed, brick-and-mortar, brick-and-click, e-commerce, service, retail and manufacturing. Our clients are small and medium-sized businesses. And business planning costs are very competitive. In brief, are business planners:

  • Research, analyze, develop and edit business and marketing plans for existing and startup enterprises.

  • Conduct business and marketing plan analysis; identify strengths and weaknesses, and suggest actions to take for improving the client's planning, marketing, operational and financial strategies.

  • Offer business planning workshops & seminars that were first implemented in 1996 in a business incubator environment. Business Planning for Small Business; implementing "lay terminology" for the entrepreneur not familiar with terms associated with accounting, finance, and marketing.

The highest priority for the business plan consultant developing a start-up plan is to determine the feasibility of the proposed venture. If feasible, consider the capital requirements. The business plan process is very straightforward, chronological and logical:

  • Organize your vision by outline,

  • Conduct  market research (feasibility),

  • Develop sales projections (feasibility),

  • Determine operational costs, including the acquisition of fixed assets (capital requirements),

  • Determine startup costs (capital requirements), and

  • Develop financial projections (feasibility & capital requirements).

Existing businesses expand, merge, acquire or downsize. Re-organization of marketing, advertising and operations, properly conducted and evaluated, maximize returns on expenses and improve the ratio of sales to operating and selling expenses. Analysis is directed to:

  • Determine if potential target sales markets are exploited.

  • Evaluate each product and/or service for costs & sales impacting finances.

  • (Re)evaluate the competition.

  • Evaluate direct impact on sales of all cost centers.

  • Evaluate all expenses for expansion, revision and/or elimination.

  • Evaluate capital funding required of ownership, venture capital, commercial/SBA loans.

  • Consider advantages & disadvantages of all financing options.

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